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Car Accident? Insurance companies know the Maeder Legal Team, and they simply do not want to meet us in the courtroom.

We utilize a fast-reacting and experienced team of investigators, accident reconstruction forensic engineers, and medical experts whose sole goal is to drill deep into your case and explore every avenue of research and investigation that could provide substantial verdict elements regarding your accident.

Every time you get in your car, whether a passenger car, SUV, or crossover, you literally take life into your hands. That risk also includes the lives of your family and loved ones. When you get involved in a car accident, your personal damage can have a significant impact on your life, especially if the insurance company finds you to be at fault. When this happens, you lose out on compensation and could also become the target of a lawsuit – which challenges both your financial and emotional well-being.

Recovering from your injuries should be your number one priority. Our number one priority is getting you compensated for your injuries. We also want to help provide full financial recovery for the expenses incurred by your recuperation. The insurance companies have massive resources and defense attorneys to drag out your case and prevent you from getting the financial settlement that you deserve. As a result, you need the legal firepower of the Jerome A. Maeder S.C. Legal Team to take on the insurance companies.

The components of a successful claim

The following components are the foundation of providing substantial verdict elements.

Accurate Statements

Obtaining accurate statements from witnesses, even locating them when the law officers have failed to do so.


Photographing and mapping out the roadway, the location of debris and vehicles and the skid marks and gouge marks before they are obscured and destroyed by traffic.

Digital Evidence

Extracting and interpreting “black box” digital evidence from the involved vehicles.


Reconstructing the accident scene and the chain of events.


Examining the anatomy and pathology of your injuries.

We Dictate Your Case Value

Most injury claims arising from auto, truck, or motorcycle accidents. You know the rules of the road. Today every young person knows how to operate a motor vehicle and must learn how to drive in a safe manner. Because of the speed and weight these vehicles have, they have turned into deadly forces on the road.

In addition to the typical distractions of billboards, and vehicle displays, we now have the additional hazards of the digital age, which causes drivers to be distracted with cell phones and GPS displays.

The Maeder Legal Team has a daily connection with these types of accidents. We are the lawyers who handle each case separately, meaning your case is unique. It will be handled by the Team, not by some paralegal or investigator. We don’t let the insurance company set the value, instead- we dictate how much your case is worth using our experience in handling claims and knowledge of past jury verdicts.

You know what? The insurance companies listen to us because we back up our opinion with action.

Our Philosophy


We don’t 'work' for our clients, rather we 'serve' them and we know that they've granted us this privilege which we'll always honor through hard work and honesty.