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When you fall down, we’ll hold them accountable

No two cases are alike; each must be analyzed and investigated individually. That is our promise to you.

Premise liability is the law that holds businesses and commercial locations accountable for injuries caused by unsafe conditions. Many law firms will not accept these cases because they’re looking for the “slam dunk” auto accidents. But, the Maeder Team handles many premise liability cases every year. Furthermore, we know the pain, suffering, and cost to you and your family is the same regardless of how your injury was sustained.

Remember, you’re not a number in a big city mega law firm list of clients. Rather, you’re a person of importance and honor in our firm and will be treated as such. We mean it when we say that each client becomes part of our family.

case examples



A young woman fell in a parking lot while entering a big box store. The store’s defense was that she should’ve anticipated the slippery conditions, so the fall was her fault and not the company’s. Not so fast!
Our investigation revealed that there was a downspout in disrepair that funneled icy discharge from the roof of the entranceway towards the store instead of away from it. That was a preventable accident. Furthermore, we forced the store to reveal the video surveillance it had attempted to conceal which showed our client was walking in a careful and attentive manner. The company paid.



The client was injured by a faulty display of goods that were stacked in a flimsy manner on the shelves. Many times, we find that businesses will use the advertising of their products to divert the customers’ attention from a hazard that they would have otherwise seen and avoided.

Our Philosophy


We don’t 'work' for our clients, rather we 'serve' them and we know that they've granted us this privilege which we'll always honor through hard work and honesty.