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Motorcycle riders should have equal rights on the highway, the Maeder Legal Team makes sure they have equal rights in the courtroom

The Maeder Team are riders and we personally know the risks.

Let’s face it, when you ride a motorcycle, you’re at higher risk than those in a car or truck. This is simply a fact that those of us who ride must accept. We have our own set of risks, separate from other drivers on the road. We could slide out on a gravel deposit or on the slick highway after it rains on an oily road surface. If there is flying debris from a passing vehicle, we’ll suffer extreme consequences with little recourse because the person who failed to secure the load is long gone. However, those accidents that we can trace to a motorist failing to give us equal rights to the highway can be successfully prosecuted.

When you have an accident on your bike call us. Whether it’s a case of being cut off by cars, forced off the road by trucks, or hit by oncoming drivers passing another vehicle, we’ve seen it all. A bike can injure the passenger on the back even when it is not moving. For example, if the driver fails to secure the kickstand down properly it can fall down and cause serious injuries to the passenger. A motorcycle can injure the passenger without any other vehicle involved because of the intoxication of the driver or because he/she was going too fast for the conditions of the road. We’ve covered them all and with our personal knowledge of riding almost every make of bike and in almost every circumstance, we are successful in handling those claims because we have personally lived those factual circumstances and seen those hazards play out in real-time.

Our Philosophy


We don’t 'work' for our clients, rather we 'serve' them and we know that they've granted us this privilege which we'll always honor through hard work and honesty.