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Benjamin C. Welch - Trial Attorney

Jerome A. Maeder

Trial Attorney (1954 – 2020)


Jerome (“Jerry”) Maeder practiced for over 60 years handling serious injury cases, motor vehicle accidents, product liability, and worker’s compensation. Jerome Maeder lectured at both the Wisconsin Academy of Trial Lawyers and the State Bar of Wisconsin–Litigation Section on various trial tactics and trial subjects and was acknowledged by his peers and judges as being a preeminent trial attorney.

Jerry handled thousands of personal injury claims and tried hundreds of cases to verdict or decision. He had an extensive win record in the appellate courts in Wisconsin. He truly was a “trial lawyer’s lawyer” and was known throughout Wisconsin as “one of the best”. He left a legacy of success that was driven by hard work and a passion to see that justice was achieved for each of his clients. He passed that same work ethic, knowledge, skill, and passion on to Brad and Ben and they are committed to continuing to provide the best legal representation to their clients.

One of the Best

Jerry handled thousands of personal injury claims and tried hundreds of cases to verdict or decision. He had an extensive win record in the appellate courts in Wisconsin. He truly was a “trial lawyer’s lawyer”. He was known throughout Wisconsin as “one of the best”.

Jerry recently passed away and practiced law until the very end. He taught Attorney Myska and Attorney Welch about the practice of law, the importance of treating clients like family, and how to stand up to the so-called “bullies” in the courtroom. His legacy continues through Attorneys Myska and Welch. Myska and Welch never back down from insurance companies when standing up for clients. They’re tough as nails in the courtroom.

What our clients have to say

“When my 8-year-old daughter and I were injured in a car accident, we called the Maeder Law Firm right away. They treated us like family and took away the stress of dealing with the insurance company. The Maeder legal team delivered on their promise to protect our family.” - Lacie

“As a lifetime farmer, I feared I was about to lose everything as a result of the severities of the accident. Brad Myska of the Maeder Law firm told me ‘worry about getting better’ he would take care of the legal details. The Maeder legal team delivered on their promise. They are the lawyers for the injured.” - Ronald

“Shortly after losing both of my parents, I was involved in a terrible car accident - one that left me seriously injured and in desperate need of help. Brad Myska of the Maeder law firm stepped in and he took care of me. The Maeder legal team got me every penny I was entitled to and they treated me like a member of their own family when I needed someone to lean on the most.” - Jacob

“I fought for my country in Vietnam. When I was injured in a car accident, I needed someone who would fight for me. The Maeder Law firm never quit fighting. They didn’t leave a dime on the table. They’re like the guys in my squad, they covered my back.” - Tom

“I was seriously injured in an accident. Because the dump truck blew the tire before the collision, the adjuster said he wouldn’t give me a dime. I hired the Maeder Team. Brad Myska proved that the dump truck driver was at fault, and I recovered big time. He had my back all the way.” - James

“I had a terrible injury from an auto accident. Everybody said it was my fault, but Brad Myska tried my case, the jury believed me. Brad Myska helped me when no one else would.” - Jean

“I suffered a severe work injury which required surgery and my partner was in a horrible car accident and lost her job because of the injuries. We hired the Maeder Law firm and attorney Ben Welch stood up for our family when we needed it the most.” - Larry

“As a member of the US military, I command hard work, respect, and integrity from myself. Brad Myska with the Maeder legal team, delivered in handling my personal injury case. The Maeder legal team is top-notch. Hire Maeder Law firm for top results.” - David

“My prior attorney suggested to me that the accident was my fault. I was hit as a pedestrian in the school parking lot and it was on surveillance. I then hired Brad Myska and the Maeder law firm. He completely stood up for me, making sure the insurance company paid in full.” - Natasha

“I was badly injured in an auto accident and two law firms told me I had no case. I hired the Maeder law firm and they sued the insurance company, I received a large settlement. My advice is to get Bradly Myska. He will fight and you will win.” - Sherri

Our Philosophy


We don’t 'work' for our clients, rather we 'serve' them and we know that they've granted us this privilege which we'll always honor through hard work and honesty.