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Lawyers for the Injured

A Proven Team That Goes A Step Beyond

We’re not a “paint-by-numbers” mega law firm that churns out settlements. Rather, our law practice will fight to win you and your family the maximum compensation possible. This is accomplished through meticulous preparation, tough negotiation, and, if necessary, skilled advocacy in the courtroom. You only get one chance at monetary damages, so hire the best to make the most of it.

The Components of a Successful Claim

When challenging the insurance company, you need the skill of an experienced personal injury trial attorney at your side. The Maeder Legal Team has the experience, knowledge, professionalism, and commitment to protecting you from the insurance company and their attorneys. Based on over 50 years of experience in personal injury law, we have found that there are two key components in making a claim that grants you a full recovery. First, the Facts; we are not talking about the facts that the insurance company presents to you in a biased and prejudicial manner, but rather the true facts. Second, the Truth; this can only be obtained by a fast-reacting and experienced team of investigators, engineering, and medical experts. Our team of experienced trial lawyers efficiently gather these professionals and turn them into an effective weapon whose sole goal is to drill deep into the case and explore every avenue of research and investigation, aimed at gathering the following information that could provide substantial verdict elements:

Accurate Witness Statements

Obtain accurate statements from witnesses, even locate them when the law officers have failed to do so.


Photograph and map-out the roadway, the location of debris and vehicles, and the skid and gouge marks before they are obscured and destroyed by traffic.

Digital Evidence

Extract and interpret “black box” digital evidence from the involved vehicles.