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We’ve Played a Significant Role in Shaping the Law of Wisconsin

Winning Wisconsin Court of Appeals and Wisconsin Supreme Court Decisions

One way to objectively measure a law firm’s actual trial experience is to check the number of appellate decisions it’s been involved in over the years. The Maeder Team has had many Wisconsin Court of Appeals and Wisconsin Supreme Court Decisions. This is necessary because the trial courts are not always legally correct, nor are they always fair in the manner in which they conduct a trial. We’ve found there can be a judge with a local bias toward a party with his or her own personal prejudice or agenda. In Wisconsin, judges are elected. Furthermore, some of them have had the little trial experience, but rather learn while on the bench and become fine jurists. We’ve found that most of them are trying to do their very best and we always give them the dignity and honor that they deserve.

A very small percentage of claims handled actually go to trial because the firm settles a vast majority of its clients’ claims. The measure of the recovery, the amount our clients receive, is enhanced and increased as a direct result of the team’s solid reputation. In a nutshell, that reputation is… If we don’t get top-value, we will try the case. This reputation causes the insurance companies to know “we mean business.” We do not advertise our settlements or verdicts because we consider each settlement confidential. More importantly, the claims adjusters, the claims managers, and insurance companies’ executives and accountants know what they’ve paid to our clients and the financial impact we’ve had on their bottom line.

Our Philosophy


We don’t 'work' for our clients, rather we 'serve' them and we know that they've granted us this privilege which we'll always honor through hard work and honesty.