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Snowmobile/ATV Accidents

ATV’s, UTV’s, and snowmobiles are a staple of transportation in Wisconsin.

 For many of us, owning one of these machines is a dream come true. They give us the freedom to travel and explore the Northwoods, but we must accept the responsibility that comes with this freedom.

Whether you are an experienced operator, or just using one of our many trails, these machines come with a set of risks that we all need to acknowledge.

The state of Wisconsin saw 159 snowmobile accidents in 2019, and 163 ATV/UTV accidents according the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. There are many variables that can account for the accidents that occur on ATV/UTV’s and snowmobiles, such as speed, vehicle misuse, intoxication, inexperience, insufficient protection, or even equipment failure.

Snowmobile and ATV/UTV accidents are serious, and many take lives. From traumatic brain injuries to broken bones, the damage can be severe and permanent. If you have been injured while operating or acting as a passenger on a snowmobile or ATV/UTV, contact the Maeder Law Firm for a free consultation to determine if you may be entitled to compensation.

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